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Top waste paper management and transportation logistics service providers in kenya

Number One
Goods Transport

We offer guaranteed goods and parcels transportation throughout the country.

Number One
Waste Paper Collection Company

Collecting tonnes of waste paper daily by the help of our inhouse team and thousands of our authorised agents countrywide.

Number one
Commercial Paper Shredders

We help company's shred large volume of papers. We understand most companies need most their papers destroyed to keep their information private.

Number One
Private Weigh Bridge Services

Want to know how many tonnes your load weigh. Call us now!

Number One
Old News Paper Collection

Have old newspaper you want to dispose. Don't throw them away, sell them to us.

Number One
Recycled Papers Company

We sell a variety of quality recycled papers for purposes of wrapping goods from shops and supermarkets.

What We Do

Kamongo Transporters was founded in 1990. Kamongo started with one van and later grew to operating a fleet of vehicles delivering clients parcels and goods to various parts of East Africa.

Waste Paper

For more than 25 years, Kamongo Waste Paper has been a strong leader in Kenya’s recycling industry and a steadfast supporter of the business community. In 1990, at a time when few people ever heard of recycling, Kamongo was founded.


There are many ways of transporting goods to their recipient. But the arrival time is not normally negotiable. Kamongo Transporters ensures that your products reach their destination in a cost-efficient way, on time – and in an undamaged state.

Our Factory & Ware House

At Kamongo Waste Paper Limited, we have a big space where we provide Storage for client’s parcels, waste paper sorting, paper shredding and weigh bridge among other services.






Transportation Transists


Tonnes Collected Daily

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Why Choose Us


We have over 25 years in waste collection as well as transportation logistics. Our customers can rest assured they have the most trusted and respected waste paper and transport and partner on their side.


You simply won’t find another vendor that can match our value proposition. Our customers often tell us the same thing.

We listen

We make every single decision based on you. Your needs, your industry, your company, your processes. The discovery part of our process is key to everything we do.

Our Mission

Our Mission, to grow with our customers, has been forged by lasting relationships, true understanding and response to specific needs, and a level of trust developed second to none

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